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If someone is going to be involved in one of the largest financial transactions that they will probably ever make - then they should at least have a good time doing it, and everything is negotiable - except for the address are two phrases that you will often hear from Real Estate Agent Lee Hudman. He prides himself in making sure that his customers and clients have a smooth and uneventful transaction as possible. Lee says, My job is to not sell someone a property; my job is to give my clients as much relevant information as possible so they feel that they have made an intelligent decision about their purchase or sale. I then can concentrate on keeping all of the different pieces of the transaction on track towards a mutually satisfactory close for all parties involved.
Lee's background as a Computer Systems Analyst probably has a lot to do with his ability to gather information and keep things on track, but he decided to leave that industry to pursue his first love - real estate! So, in 1989, he made the switch. "I knew that a career in real estate would be hard work, but I find it very rewarding to offer a service that can be of such value to so many people."
Lee is also proud of the fact that the majority of his business comes from direct referrals from his past customers and clients. He makes sure that he keeps in contact with them and they are also welcome to call him with any questions that they might have about real estate. He also sends them items of value on a timely basis. Recent items have included information on credit repair, local business discounts, and information on stopping junk mail and spam. Unlike many agents that seem to disappear after the closing, Lee makes sure that he past clients and customers know that he is always available for them.
Lee also keeps busy in his free time. He is a fifth generation Houstonian and lived in an Art Deco cottage in the Museum district for 20 years until he moved just outside the loop in 2023. He lives with his five (yes, five) rescued chihuahuas Bambi, Lily, Prissy, Zac and Zoe. He is also proud to be a founding member of the Texas Lovin' Cloggers, an all-adult precision exhibition Appalachian clog dance team. The team competed in competitions in Branson, Nashville, Dollywood, Oklahoma, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Las Vegas. They have won numerous first-place awards in the adult divisions, as well as overall Grand Champion status. The team also performed at many local festivals and events, as well as local charity events, such as the Periwinkle Foundation and Sunshine Kids. They also performed in Cairns and Sydney, Australia. Lee has now retired from the team after 16 years, and the team officially ended their performances in 2017 after 30+ years! But Lee is still keeping busy in his free time! He is also a talented sculptural potter (he says that this helps keeps him sane) and a member of the Houston Swing Dance Society!
"My job as an agent is to provide you with the information that you need to make informed decisions about what you need to know to buy or sell a home or investment property. I will NEVER push you or pressure you to make a sale, because after the transaction has closed I will still be your Real Estate Agent. You will always be welcome to call me about real estate related matters, and I will keep you informed with valuable information, about a wide range of subjects, on a timely basis. I also promise to take good care of everyone that you refer to me for help. Most of my past clients are now my friends - and my friends deserve the best."

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